In Bunyu Island, I live in an official residence that provide by my company. Thanks God, almost all of the daily facilities have been completed include air conditioner, water purifier, television, and also we get a DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) provider, Indovision.

One night (after I took my medicine for my spasm musco sceletal on my left foot), I couldn’t sleep and turned the tv on. I found no interesting channel unless when I stopped on CI (Crime and Investigation) channel. It’s about 10 PM when I started religiously watching the first true story of an unusual criminal case happened in America.

I continuously watching till 1.30 AM when the channel replay the 10 PM drama again. So I decided to sleep, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the criminal visualization I’ve just watched.

I took a conclusion after watched some real sadist criminal drama: family is the first thing that form a person. When someone can’t find any love and warm from their family, they will try to find it from someone else outside. Or when someone always get inappropriate treatment from their parents nor friends, (based on my simple observation) they usually resigned accept the inappropriate treatment while they young. But soon, when they can blow out their emotion, sadness, and ego, they unconsciously become a temperamental person (or naturally become a psychopath. Worst, they could be a cold-blooded killer).

But, another factor that naturally form a child is who are their parents. Blood will carry some characters from parents to their children. That’s why, some people reluctant to adopt a baby.

Well, at least, now I know what’s interesting channel to watch while home. Ha-ha.