English, The Dream Game, and Children (?)

Yesterday I asked my friend to give me some tips (and also advices) writing in English.

Then she just answered : “Just write it down!”

Oh yeah, that’s exactly the same answer when I was asked by friends to write in Bahasa, but Bahasa is me and my friends daily language so I think, writing in our daily languge is so much easier than writing in other language.

But my smart  friend then added :”And use some new vocabs in every single story that you post.”

Hummmmm. I’m trying. Struggling with my hand and my brain rigth now.

I realized I have weakness writing English when Mel (my English teacher at BLCI) gave some writing homework. Then when she corrected mine, she said,”You are translating,Dini. Don’t do that. I don’t understand your words like…the meaning of expanding time. I need several times to understand it. Then I asked my friends, they said it means ‘jam karet’ ya? So please don’t translating like that.”

Okay. I’m tryiiiiing.

Bahasa and English do not appropriate correspond each other if we translate it per words. The sentence will  weird and sounds dumb (yeaaah, I used some new vocabs!!!).

Like old adage said : practice make perfect. Do more practice and better result would be obtained.

In my opinion, Indonesian who could talk English fluently and could write English structured are freakingly awesome. I usually covet and be really solicitous to master it too. My English still looks simple and doesn’t impressed me either.

I should immers my self by doing more reading, talking,listening,writing and correcting my English, which hopefully make it better every single time I do

O yeah, today is a brigth Sunday, feels pleasant to do my assignments at my peaceful dorm.

No child anymore here! Feels so much better 😉

Oh yeah, by the way, about children.

A couple days ago, my English class had a game that asked us to imagine a few things like the paper scanned below

It named ‘The Dream Game’. It’s another interesting game.

The players (me and another students in the class) were asked to imagine one by one the rigth side column.

While we were closing our eyes, Mel gave us some clues about what kind of imaginations that we should imagine of from the left side column. After a couple of minutes, we opened our eyes then told our partners about something we saw.

Then the game continued untill all interpretations completed.

About My House

I saw a nice and calm living room, sun shine through my kitchen window. Like usual, my kitchen had a complete kitchen set that support me to do my cooking and baking hobby.

Not a big house, but it quite big for me alone.

No one there, just me. I imagined a house which looked like almost the same like my house at Antapani, Bandung, but more tidy and had lovable indoor-outdoor architectural design.

No sounds like crying children or horning car. It just calm and I heard birdsong around. In the nigth, my house looks warm because dim yellow ligth inside livimg room. If u ever got in to a five stars room hotel, that what my house looked like. Nice yeah?

Then I told my partner, Aim, about my imaginary house. He looked shocked when I said there were no children. “So you don’t wanna have a child?” he asked.

I just said,”Not rigth now and not in immadiate time after I graduated from campus. Haha”

So my conclusion after interpretated my imagination house is I have enough confident,want to handle and change my life towards better futures, and I’m quite optimistic about my life.

For others, may be I would write them at another post.


English, The Dream Game, and Children (?)